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BU AR/VR is group of people dedicated to introduce augmented reality/virtual reality technologies to the community around us. We aim to foster an Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality enthusiastic atmosphere within BU. It’s a brand new initiative for students to gain recognition among bigger technology communities in Boston built upon intellectual interest in the cutting-edge AR/VR field.

What We Provide


Connect to people who have similar interest in AR or VR technology at Boston University community


Speaker series and network opportunity with industrial leaders from Amazon, PTC, Wayfair, Microsoft, etc.


Demo and rental from BostonAR and BostonVR for projects. (Hololens, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear etc.)

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Q & A

When and where is BU AR/VR’s regular meeting?

Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm every wednesday

Location: The seminar room at 111 Cummington Mall, MA 02115

What can I expect from regular meeting?

Industry speaker series

Workshops (e.g. Unity, Simmetri)

Field trips and hack nights

What if I wish to do an AR/VR related project?

We encourage members to submit ideas for projects. BU AR/VR will equip you with team members, mentors, access to devices and 3D assets. Make sure to let us know and attend our workshops and hack nights.