About the Club

Be you in a new reality.

We are BU AR / VR — a group of like-minded students and creators dedicated to exploring augmented and virtual reality technologies and introducing them to the community around us.

Our goal is to foster an enthusiastic atmosphere to the pursuit of different realities and to bring in valuable resources and experts to the Boston University campus for more people to discover. Our efforts are a brand new initiative for students in the Boston area to gain familiarity and recognition among major technological communities in the cutting-edge AR / VR field, culminating in the annual AR / VR Festival every spring. We have our second iteration of the Festival planned this year for April 29th, 2019. Save the date!

This Spring 2019 semester, we will have meetings every Tuesday from 6pm-7pm at the Hariri Seminar Room in 111 Cummington Mall. We welcome all levels of interests and expertise, so come celebrate new realities with us!

We were also featured in a BU Today article about the goals of the club and what virtual reality means to each one of us! Take a look if you're interested in what we do!


BU AR / VR 2019